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Instant Fun

No registration or no complicated rules. Just install and start playing and have fun!

Can You find All Restaurants ?

Can you find all restaurants and unlock all levels? Countless restaurants from easy to tricky are waiting for you!

Simple But Very Addictive Game

What is the restaurant you need to find? Look at the picture, find out what they are and write them. If you need help, reveal letters or remove letters.


I think this game is awesome! It defiantly deserves a rating a 5 stars! It’s really easy at first but it gets more challenging as you advance. That’s what I like about it. I like things that are challenging but also like things that are easy. This game is both. Another amazing thing about this game is that if you don’t know a lot of restaurants, then it’s a good game to play so you can learn new ones. Also, it lets you keep guessing until you get the right answer! I think that is very fair and cool, because most games like this aren’t like that. It will definitely keep you occupied on a long car ride or a run up to the store,and on a long or short plane ride. I would definitely consider getting this game! It’s fun and free! 🙂


This game is like the best ever and it is so so much fun! I know I will keep this app like forever. Thank you for creating this app. Another thing is you can get 200 coins by rating 5 stars! I am not just rating 5 stars for that reason! It’s because this game makes me really happy and joyful! This game is so much fun and you can use cheats and stuff but the amazing thing about this app is all the problems aren’t even hard. Thank you for that. I love this app so much and I recommend it if you wanna have the best time ever!!!


On this game is awesome because you get two guys the restaurant and it’s really easy because on the restaurant they show you sign and then it then you can see economic give you like a bunch of coins from finishing one puzzle so if you working for a good game good trivia game you would get this one but if you’re looking for bad not Chevy again then don’t get this one but it’s pretty good so by this one I would I would if I I would if I was due



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